Diversity and inclusion

Our people are our most important asset – vital to the services we provide to clients and to maintaining the cooperative and collegiate culture that encourages excellence in all aspects of our business.

We are committed to advancing gender and racial equality and representation within our business, and, over time, to increasing such representation at every level of our firm.

A central focus is ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment and workforce.

Wider ESG initiatives

Our recent ESG initiatives include:

  • Embedding Diversity and Inclusion in our recruitment process, with steps taken to remove unconscious bias and to ensure gender equality.
  • Ensuring a work environment free of harassment and bullying, where all members of staff are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Devoting time and effort in training for existing staff and new joiners in our ESG policies and best practice.
  • Considering how best to improve our environmental footprint whether through increased recycling and/or the use where possible of sustainable materials.

Join our team

We hire a small number of the very best professionals that have relevant advisory experience. We are always delighted to hear from qualified applicants and invite you to get in touch.

Recent community and charitable actions

We support charitable causes and local community projects – examples of the charitable initiatives with which we have been involved in recently include:

  • Working with HandsOn London in support of local communities through volunteering and donations.
  • Humanitarian aid in support of Ukraine through a number of organisation including HMG’s Disaster Emergency Committee, British-Ukrainian Aid and We Help Ukraine.

In addition, our employees support a wide range of other charitable initiatives in a personal capacity.